Mazinga Multiserve

Rebranding Case Study

The director of Mazinga Multiserve, a fleet management company, commissioned us to help them with rebranding. They were no longer confident with their old branding and they felt it didn’t represent them well. The business wasn’t doing well, and they needed to improve their brand image. They required a new logo design and a professional company profile as those were the tools they needed the most to send out proposals for new business at that time.


Many times companies lose business due to a poor brand image or lack of clarity in their marketing. Presentation is everything it can get your business accepted or rejected. How a person dresses says a lot, and the same is true in business.

Logo Re-design

We did some research and brainstormed on ways to help Mazinga Multiserve boost its brand image. After following the necessary logo redesign process, we created a few concepts and presented them for approval. They loved the logo options we presented to them but had to choose one that was the strongest.


The old Mazinga logo was a generic logo that featured some elements that have been used so many times in many other generic logo designs using some online logo design maker software. Generic logos can hurt the brand image. With a generic logo design, it can be hard to trademark your logo. It limits the brand from being established in the marketplace.

The new Mazinga logo is refined and has fewer colors is not busy as the previous logo. It is a perfect fit for the Mazinga brand. It represents simplicity and elegance.

Company Profile Re-design

The company profile design process was a great success as the logo design. We worked on a few concepts with different styles, and after all the tweaking, we came out with a clean and professional company profile which was a total upgrade from the previous design.

Final Outcome

The rebranding we did for Mazinga Multiserve has boosted their brand image, and they are more confident as they now fit in nicely and professionally with other big brands in their industry. The rebranding has enabled them to attract and get more new business.

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