We use a proven framework to turn your website into a sales machine.

Many websites fail to bring in results because they use the wrong framework.

The purpose of a website is to bring in leads and grow your sales.
The Common Problem:

Not Customer-Centric

Does not communicate with clarity the problem you solve and how it will make your customer's life better.

Too Busy & Confusing

People don't read websites, they scan through them. Keep text to a minimum and keep it simple and have clear calls to action.

No Value Communication

It's all about you and your web copy does not communicate the value the customer is getting by engaging your products or services.

How we help you create a sales machine website

We use WordPress and other powerful tools to develop your website.

The Success Plan:

We help you clarify your brand message to make it customer-centric and write your web copy. After that, we'll work on your website wireframe for you to review.
Design & Copy
Once you have decided on your website layout, we'll design it to completion, and after that, we'll present it to you to check before going live.
Web Development
We'll do final developments once you are 100% satisfied with your website design. After your approval, your website will go live, and we'll continue to support you.

Most business websites fail to bring in leads and grow sales. At Matthew and Grace, we use a proven framework to design customer-centric websites strategically designed to bring in qualified leads and increase sales.

Benefits of using a customer-centric brand story framework

There are many benefits but here are a few:

Be Customer-Centric

Write compelling web copy because words sell products. Invite your customers into your brand story and make it about their pain points and how you can help them solve their problems.

Show Empathy

Empathize with your customers and let them know that you care. Focus on their needs and feelings to build a connection. Tell them how your products or services will make their life better.

Get More Leads

Have a lead capture system where potential customers will willingly send you their details, and you'll follow up with a lead nurture campaign to convert them to customers.


Increase sales and grow your business with these powerful website design tips.