Your brand logo design and marketing collateral can attract or deter customers. We’ll help you create visual elements that evoke interest in your customers.

Don't lose customer trust and revenue due to poor branding.

Many businesses fail to design relevant branding that engages their potential customers; at Matthew and Grace, we use strategy to help you create your brand logo design and brand identity guidelines to engage customers and get more business.


We combine strategy and design to help you build a strong brand.

Brand Logo Design

Whether you are designing a new logo or rebranding, we'll help you create a unique and iconic logo, that represents your brand.

Visual Assets Design

We'll help you create relevant and visually appealing marketing collateral that engages customers. Make your brand stand out.

Brand Identity Guide

Your brand identity guideline will help you maintain a professional, consistent visual identity across all digital and print platforms.


This is how we work with you to build your brand​.
Discovery Meeting
We'll discuss your brands needs first and plan your goals for a successful branding project.
Strategic Design
We'll apply strategy and design to develop a relevant brand that will engage your customers.
Project Delivery
Once you're satisfied with the work. We'll deliver your brand elements and continue to help you launch.


Your brand logo design is the face of your brand and one of the most important brand elements to help you build a strong brand identity. The best logos are simple, beautiful and memorable, they easily stay on our minds.
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It is not enough to design your logo; your brand requires good maintenance. A brand identity guideline will help you maintain the correct use of your logo, colours, brand fonts, marketing collateral, values, your voice, and how you communicate your products or services. A brand guideline helps you eliminate chaos and ensure professionalism on all platforms you use. Your branding is an investment in your business; if done right, it attracts customers, and if done wrong, it deters customers. We are visual beings, and anything visually appealing evokes interest in us.
Brand Identity Guide Example: