Baking Art | Rebranding Case Study

Baking Art is a thriving bakery business based in Durban, South Africa. Their business manager commissioned us to help them with the rebranding task of their bakery business. They felt that their logo and entire branding is outdated. A fresh new look and total branding revamp were necessary to take their business to new and greater heights.


How you present your business can make you gain or lose trust from customers and stakeholders. Many businesses struggle to attract customers due to poor branding and unclear brand messaging.

Logo Redesign

We gathered all the necessary data from Baking Art to have a solid foundation to start our research and brainstorming session. We designed a few logo options that we presented to Baking Art for them to check. In the first round of our presentation, they selected one stronger design that they loved; and that captured their attention and truly resonated with their business vision. 

Below are visuals showing the old Baking Art logo and the new Baking Art logo.

The new Baking Art logo was first was hand-drawn and then digitally refined. The idea behind the drawing of the “K” with a long tail representing wheat was to highlight the word “King” in Baking which was one of the things that Baking Art loved about their new logo.